Judges: Martin Davies (Conformation)
Louise Bell (Ride)
Section A: Garrick Surface Coatings Small Hack
Class: 33a
Rank Cat. No Horse Name Owner Rider Prize Money
  907 BRONZE STAR Jo Bates Jo Bates  
  908 CATWALK LITTLE STAR Susan Church Katie Jerram  
  909 CHIVOLA Mrs Victoria Smart Mrs Victoria Smart  
  910 CLASSIC CHAUVINIST Ms Lyndsey Kelbie Ms Lyndsey Kelbie  
  911 COMBERTON CRAFTSMAN Ross Harris Kirstie Harris  
  912 COURTLAND BE FAIR Pa Underwood Amy Underwood  
  913 FLEETWATER EXECUTIVE Mrs Elaine Butterworth Georgia Butterworth  
  914 FLYDE CHEEKY LADY L  Holt Mr A Hood  
  915 GOLDEN GUNNER Katie Dove Katie Jerram  
  916 GRACEFUL MONARCH Diane Stennett Joseph Thurston  
  917 HIGH FIDELITY Cate Preston Greer Taverner  
  918 LYNCOMBE LEGEND V, J & R Clark/lucas Mr Martin Skelton  
  919 MAID IN MANHATTEN Clare Twiston Davies Stephanie Collins  
  920 PENCROFT MISTRAL Mr & Mrs D Curtis Sarah White  
  921 PENDLEY MAJESTIC V & D L  White & Thomas Ms Gemma James  
  922 ROYAL ENGAGEMENT Mrs Lucy  Smith Crallan Robert Walker  
  923 STANLEY GRANGE NIGHTSHADE Pa Underwood Leon King  
  924 TELYNAU THE REAL MCOY Ms Sharon Grittiths Clare Fitch  
  925 WHALTON RAZZAMATAZZ Claire Cooper Charles Le Moignan  
  926 WHALTON SALOME Mr Richard Beal Mrs Gemma Beal  
  927 WILLOWBROOK MAYDAY Amie Houghton Anne Leaver  
Section B: The Stennett Family Large Hack
Class: 33b
Rank Cat. No Horse Name Owner Rider Prize Money
  928 BARRDENE NIGHT FEVER Juli Carter Ms Hannah Carter  
  929 CHINA ROSE Mrs Nicola Hall-turner Mrs Nicola Hall-turner  
  930 CLASSIC TOP TOTTY Kate  Hounsom Kate  Hounsom  
  931 DALDORN RACING BOW Adam Winbourne Yasmin Cuddy  
  932 EDEN ROCK Ms Emma Blundell Emma Blundell  
  933 GENEVIEVE III Mr & Mrs Wood Michaela Wood  
  934 GUIDING LIGHT Jane Ellis Wendy Gibson  
  935 HOLDENS MOVIE STAR Mrs R  Leech Oliver Hood  
  936 HOLLTESS HACKETT Angela Sellers-Smith Andrew Done  
  937 HONEY GLIDER Charley Sale Charley Sale  
  938 LOWMOOR HIGH FLYER Ms Justine Armstrong-small Ms Justine Armstrong-small  
  939 MARQUIS OF TAVISTOCK John Keen John Keen  
  940 NIGHT PRAYERS J M Jerram Katie Jerram  
  941 OPIUM CASA (LEONA) Adam Winbourne Adam Winbourne  
  942 PASCHAL HIGH FLYER Ms Hazel Broom Martin Skelton  
  943 PEARLY KING Sarah Carey Simon Charlesworth  
  944 SAATCHI J Thurston Joseph Thurston  
  945 STANLEY GRANGE NIGHT RIDE Wendy Edgar Louise Edgar  
  946 TIME OUT K  Harris Kirstie Harris  
  947 TOPSY PRIMA DONNA Dr Elizabeth Humphreys Ms Collette Mcgoldrick  
  948 WALLAROO BAY Pa Underwood Leon King