Judges: Ms K Jerram
Mr R Oliver
Mrs C Oliver
Section A: Show Cobs
Class: 30a
Rank Cat. No Horse Name Owner Rider Prize Money
  843 ALFIE MOON V Felicity Comber Emily Comber  
  844 AVATAR Sarah Walsh Ms Sarah Walsh  
  845 BEANZ Katherine Wild Ms Chloe Emmerson  
  846 BLAZE Gaynor Fisher Nicola Worsley  
  847 GENERAL GEORGE Hayley Shippey Hayley Shippey  
  848 HARVEY NICHOLS Michaela Pollitt Ms Claire Cryer  
  849 HORTON'S VORTIGERN Dominique Pizzingrilli Mrs Dominique Pizzingrilli  
  850 REGENTS PARK M Cracroft-eley Caroline Heard  
  851 SIR WALTER REILLY Andrea Pearman Andrea Pearman  
Section B: Riding Club Show Horse
Class: 30b
Rank Cat. No Horse Name Owner Rider Prize Money
  852 ANNAGH SPIDER MONKEY Laura Lowcock Laura Lowcock  
  853 COUNTRY NEWS FLASH Amy Teare Amy Teare  
  854 DAZZLING DESTINY Courtenay Argyle Courtenay Argyle  
  855 FINN Rebecca Thompson Rebecca Thompson  
  856 LIBERAL LADY II Julia Izzard Ms Julia Izzard  
  857 NAPHTALIA DE LAYNE Helen Forster Helen Forster  
  858 SPRING FEVER Kate Andrews Mrs Kate Andrews  
  859 SPRINGTIME Lynn Taylor Michelle Taylor  
  860 STALLONE Amy Walsh Amy Walsh  
  861 WOODBRIDGE Katherine Huke Katherine Huke  
Section C: Working Hunter
Class: 30c
Rank Cat. No Horse Name Owner Rider Prize Money
  862 AMAZING Clare Wilson Clare Wilson  
  863 BROOMFORD BRAZIL Clare Crocker Alice Crocker  
  864 CASSINI GIRL Natalie Wenman Natalie Wenman  
  865 DELPHY'S BEACH BOY Emma Gage Emma Gage  
  866 DIAMOND CAVALIER ROYALE Elaine Hill Stephanie Hill  
  867 FOREST BAY Melanie Dixon Melanie Dixon  
  868 HANS II Karin Fitton Ms Elizabeth Mantel  
  869 JACKSON DIAMOND Liz Webster Vicky Heal  
  870 NIGHTWATCH MAN Morgan Schive Ms Morgan Schive  
  871 THE WEATHERMAN Tamsin Malone Tamsin Malone  
Section D: Show Pony / Show Hunter Pony
Class: 30d
Rank Cat. No Horse Name Owner Rider Prize Money
  872 BATHLEYHILLS CHOCOLATE DREAM Penny Walster Ms Shannon Bridson  
  874 BURRSWOOD KISMET Yvonne Siddall Ms Charlotte Siddall  
  875 COURTLAND JP CHARMER Michelle Nicholls Vicky Nicholls  
  876 DDEUNANT MISCHIEF MAKER Alison Jane Ball Amy  Ball  
  878 HIDEAWAY JAMAICA INN Beverley Taylor Natasha Taylor  
  879 HINDLEAP DAINTY DAISY Trudi Sage Ms Katie Higgins  
  880 ROYAL PARK PETERS DREAM Kathryn Farrow Morgan Farrow  
  881 SYCAMORE SHOW GIRL Annie Dawe Annie Dawe  
Section E: Riding Horse / Hack
Class: 30e
Rank Cat. No Horse Name Owner Rider Prize Money
  882 DEVIL OR ANGEL Jo Brew Ms Jo Brew  
  883 DONATELLA Jan Palmer Jan Palmer  
  884 ETHEROW APRIL AFFAIR Katie Elizabeth Holloway Katie Elizabeth Holloway  
  885 KIMBERLY Tracey Bonner Tracey Bonner  
  886 MILLYN SOLITAIRE Joan Sheerstone Chrissie Sheerstone  
  887 OH STAR II Z Holly Simmonds Holly Simmonds  
  888 PERSIAN SILK Stephanie Smith Stephanie Smith  
  889 RED LEPRECHAUN Caroline Cooper Mrs Caroline Cooper  
  891 ROSEMOOR Hayley Gibbs Ms Lily Gibbs  
  890 RUBINS STAR ATTRACTION Jazmin Hosgood Jazmin Hosgood  
Section F: Show Hunter
Class: 30f
Rank Cat. No Horse Name Owner Rider Prize Money
  892 ATURIO Adrian Lupson Claire Lay  
  893 BUCKINGHAM BOYS Clare Poole Claire Poole  
  894 C.UPBEAT Catherine Dickinson Catherine Dickinson  
  895 CASPER VAN OVERIS Z Jasmine Kearey Jasmine Kearey  
  896 GOLD DUST X Karen Neild Ms Stephanie Neild  
  897 HARLEQUIN Lucy Moggridge Lucy Moggridge  
  898 LLYNFI VALLEY COLORADO Robert Kerse Mr Christopher Penfold  
  899 OAT LANE NINJA Barbara Beercock Robert Shaw  
  900 OVER THE CLOVER Sarah White Sarah White  
  901 RUSTIC MIDNIGHT MOONSHINE Anthony Wilkes Nicola Wilkes